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Logo guidelines

About the logo

The university logo—called a mark when paired with the words “Virginia Tech”—is one of our most visible representations of who we are. Our university mark is the cornerstone of the new identity system for Virginia Tech.

Consistent and repeated use of the logo and lockups will establish equity and strengthen the visual identity of the institution. To ensure consistency, however, it is critical that every person who uses the logo and related lockups does so in accordance with the guidelines that follow, regardless of personal preference.

Virginia Tech’s trademarks are only allowed on official communications, partnerships, and sponsorships. Virginia Tech does not allow use of its marks for projects not affiliated with the university, other than licensed products with approval from the licensing office in University Relations.

We have established guidelines for proper use, and added additional examples to depict improper use.


HOW TO use the logo

To provide immediate brand recognition and connect university units to the Virginia Tech brand, print and online publications and websites for all Virginia Tech units should reflect consistent graphic identity standards.

Minimum size

When reproducing the logo, the image shouldn’t be smaller than 2 inches wide (from the "V" in "Virginia" to the "h" in "Tech," as seen in the standard mark below) in printed materials, and no less than 192 pixels wide in digital materials.

In text

The logo should never be used in place of text.

Clear space and minimum size

It's important to ensure adequate space around the university logo in order for the logo to work best in print and on the web.

Logo color variations

The following four color variations are approved for use. Additional variations will not be approved, and are not brand-compliant, at this time. The following variations are set up depending on the background color or the number of colors available for printing.

  • White background
  • Maroon
  • Orange
  • Black


logo space diagram

Horizontal stacked

logo space diagram

Block elements are based on x (width) and y (height) measurements. Additional elements (e.g., school wordmarks) should be contained in blocks that are multiples of X and Y.

College and department lockups

Among the most basic elements of the Virginia Tech branding system are university lockups, names of schools and colleges, and unit identifiers. University lockup elements are based on the two formulas below. All university lockups should maintain this size relationship.

The guidelines below are established for “business purposes” (business cards, letterhead, emails, and selected promotional items). Present guidelines are established for two layers into each college and administrative unit. Further guidelines are in development for deeper layers inside the university.

The horizontal version of the master brand logo is the outlined design for lockups below, for colleges and administrative units. Additional standards using a standard stacked version of the lockups for colleges and administrative units, specific to attire and uniform designs, are being developed.

For social media profile pictures, see Social Media Guidelines

HOW NOT TO use the logo

Do not:

  • Alter the logo in any way.
  • Use any part of the logo as part of another word.
  • Distort or modify or animate the mark in any way.
  • Combine the logo with other patterns or designs, or overlay the logo.
  • Render the logo in 3D.
  • Add any elements to the logo.
  • Change the typeface.

Incorrect uses

Don’t create your own logo or lockup.

Don’t add text, taglines, or graphic elements to the logo or lockup.

Don’t reassign colors to the logo or lockup.

Don’t create other one-color variations of the logo or lockup.

Don't create other one-color varaiations of the logo or lockup.

Don't use a white logo on a secondary background color.

Don't use a white logo on a secondary background color

Don’t apply the two-color logo or lockup to dark backgrounds.

Don’t sacrifice legibility.

Don't fill any part of the logo or lockup.

Don’t use the signature as a decorative element.

Don’t obscure the logo with type.

Don’t move or resize lockup pieces other than what is shown in the brand guidelines.

Diagram showing invalid use of logo through resizing of elelmets.

Don’t apply graphic effects to the signature.

Don't apply graphic effects to the signature

Don’t use the logo’s letters, “VT,” as a typographic element in a word.

Don’t use the logo to create other logos or shapes.

Don't use the "VT" alone without the trademark symbol.


We take great care to ensure our brand assets are used appropriately. Some downloads are password protected to ensure that only trained communications professionals at Virginia Tech have access. For faculty and staff access to all available brand assets, please visit the Brand Center and log in.