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About the Virginia Tech Brand

A brand is a reflection of the organization, a representation of its reputation. The Virginia Tech Brand Guidelines encapsulate the image, primary messaging, and various ways we represent the university. Since our re-brand launch in 2017, the university has continued to update its identity brand standards to ensure a consistent look and style in the marketplace.

Consistency among all units of Virginia Tech solidifies name recognition, a fundamental element of institutional positioning. We strive to uphold this brand of Virginia Tech and continually inform and engage our audiences about the Virginia Tech brand in an increasingly diverse and competitive higher education marketplace.

About the Virginia Tech Brand Education Program

The Virginia Tech Brand encapsulates the image, primary messaging, and various ways we represent the university. The training modules in the Virginia Tech Brand Education Program, listed below, will help you understand how to use the brand and what legal protections apply to licensing and trademarks.

Hokie How-To Module 01: Brand Basics | Hokie How-To Module 02: Licensing and Trademarks




Adherence: Policy 12000

“The Virginia Tech Brand Guidelines are university policy.” (Referenced in Policy 12000, Usage of the University Name, revised Nov. 15, 2018.)

Projecting an image of cohesiveness and excellence is important for all of Virginia Tech’s many audiences. The logo and official university names have registered trademark protection, and the use of any trademark or official university names other than those prescribed in this manual is prohibited, regardless of funding sources. Alterations to the specifications outlined in this manual are prohibited without the consent of Marketing and Brand Management.

This manual describes specific rules, applications, and executions to be followed. Adhering to these standards ensures that communications from every college and unit speak with a clear and uniform voice that best represents the brand and identity of Virginia Tech.

Note: Journal articles, research papers, proposals, technical reports, or other specialized documents may require standards different from those presented here. For more information on the Virginia Tech brand, please contact