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Ordering Virginia Tech Promotional Products

Ordering promotional products for your department can seem daunting, but that’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to make the process simpler for you.

  1. Decide what type of promotional product(s), "swag," or marketing assets you are looking for. Our licensed vendors can produce everything from t-shirts to banners, and nearly everything in between.
  2. Choose from the list of licensed vendors you'd like to work with or search by product here.
  3. Understand and follow your department's or organization's rules for purchasing branded promotional products.
  4. Review the university's Licensing Guidelines.
  5. Reach out to your chosen vendor through email or phone. They’re always excited to work with those at Virginia Tech and can help you develop a design or work with what you have provided.
  6. Submit your artwork to the licensee or work with the licensee to design artwork that is brand-compliant.
  7. Once the artwork is submitted to the licensee or created with the licensee, it is the responsibility of the licensee to submit the artwork to the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC)'s online review system, Brand Manager 360, which will prompt review by Virginia Tech's Licensing and Trademarks office. The vendor will be notified if changes are requested.
  8. The licensee is free to produce the product once approval has been granted by Virginia Tech's Licensing and Trademarks office.

The process once artwork is submitted can take up to two weeks, so we encourage you to plan ahead. The Licensing and Trademarks office is always willing to help and can be reached at 

Licensing and Trademarks
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Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
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