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Girl browsing through hokie gear at a store

xGirl, boy, and dog with Virginia Tech gear in a field.

The university holds rights to the following verbiage:

  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University®
  • Virginia Tech®
  • Hokie™
  • Hokies®
  • HokieBird®
  • Fightin' Hokies Lager™

Chicago Maroon:

Pantone 208 C

CMYK 15, 100, 37, 45

RGB 134, 31, 65

WEB 861F41

Burnt Orange: 

Pantone 158 C

CMYK 0, 62, 95, 0

RGB 232, 119, 34

WEB E87722

Approved University colors or the PANTONE® colors listed on this page must be used. The colors on this page are not intended to match PANTONE color standards. For PANTONE color standards, refer to the current editions of the PANTONE color publications. PANTONE is a registered trademark of PANTONE, Inc.

The university holds rights to a variety of different marks. To see a comprehensive list of marks, including the correct color combinations for each mark, please visit "Virginia Tech Artwork Sheets." Correct trademark classes will be listed on the artwork sheets as well.  

Please reach out to for all requests regarding the Lunch Pail and/or the Lunch Pail Defense

The Licensing Guidelines provide a comprehensive understanding of branding regulations. Please contact if you are having trouble accessing the guidelines.