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Logo Guidelines

Decorative graphic for logo guidelines

Our logo plays on the brand recognition of the athletic logo, while remaining distinct enough to represent Virginia Tech in a modern, easy to read, elegant style.

Master Brand Logo

Master Logo - Vertical

Virginia Tech Master Logo - Vertical

Master Logo - Horizontal

Virginia Tech Master logo - Horizontal

Usage Rules

HOW TO use the logo

To provide immediate brand recognition and connect university units to the Virginia Tech brand, print and online publications and websites for all Virginia Tech units should reflect consistent graphic identity standards.

Minimum size

The size requirements shown on this page allow for accurate reproduction of the details in both the “VT” and the text of the logo.

When reproducing the logo, the image shouldn’t be smaller than 2 inches wide (from the "V" in "Virginia" to the "h" in "Tech," as seen in the standard mark below) in printed materials, and no less than 192 pixels wide in digital materials.

Minimum logo size for digital/print applications

Minimum sizing for digital/print applications is 0.09 in. for the logo text.

Minimum logo size for apparel embroidery

Minimum sizing for apparel embroidery is 0.156 in. for the logo text.

In text

The logo should never be used in place of text.

Positioning and Spacing

It's important to ensure adequate space around the university logo in order for the logo to work best in print and on the web.


logo space diagram

Horizontal stacked

logo space diagram

Block elements are based on x (width) and y (height) measurements. Additional elements (e.g., school wordmarks) should be contained in blocks that are multiples of X and Y.

Protected area around the logo for print

Protected area around the Virginia Tech vertical logo
Protected area around the Virginia Tech horizontal logo

NOTE: For print, keep protected area equilavent to 2X the height of the logo text around all versions of the logos.

In all approved uses of Virginia Tech logos and wordmarks, the appropriate ® or ™ designation must be included. If University Relations grants permission for use, all external uses of the Virginia Tech logo shall state “Logo used with permission from Virginia Tech” and adhere to the identity standards and requirements set forth in this guid

Protected area around the logo for web

Logo spacing for web

NOTE: For web, keep protected area equilavent to 1X the height of the logo text around all versions of the logos.

Logo color variations

When reproducing on color backgrounds, use an appropriate one- or two-color version of the logo. Ensure appropriate contrast between the logo and the background color.

Solid orange, solid maroon, reversed white or solid black logos are acceptable one-color process printing options.

The following four color variations are approved for use. Additional variations will not be approved, and are not brand-compliant, at this time. The following variations are set up depending on the background color or the number of colors available for printing.

  • White background
  • Maroon
  • Orange
  • Black
VT Primary logo color values
VT  maroon logo on orange

Solid maroon on orange

VT White logo on black

Solid white on black or grey

VT solid orange logotype and white mark on maroon

Solid orange logotype and white mark on maroon

VT solid orange on maroon

Solid orange on maroon

VT Black logo on grey

Solid black on white

VT Black and grey logo on white

VT may be printed at 60% black with the logotype at 100% black. This may only be done on a white background.

NOTE: The logo may be produced in copper, gold, or silver inks or foils. The logo may also be embossed or debossed.

Use white logo on maroon background only with approval by the Office of Licensing and Trademarks. The office can be reached at

Using the VT Brandmark or the Virginia Tech Wordmark Alone

The university master brand logo is made up of two elements: the brandmark, which is the university VT symbol, and the wordmark, which is the custom design of the Virginia Tech name.

The VT brandmark may be used on its own with the trademark designation in situations where size or design considerations necessitate it, with permission from the Office of Licensing and Trademarks; anywhere when the entire Virginia Tech logo is also present elsewhere on the item; on merchandise that also displays the athletic VT; and on social media profile photos/thumbnails.

The wordmark may be used on its own with the trademark designation anywhere when the entire logo is also present elsewhere on the item.

College and department lockups

Among the most basic elements of the Virginia Tech branding system are university lockups, names of schools and colleges, and unit identifiers. University lockup elements are based on the two formulas below. All university lockups should maintain this size relationship.

The guidelines below are established for “business purposes” (business cards, letterhead, emails, and selected promotional items). Present guidelines are established for two layers into each college and administrative unit. Further guidelines are in development for deeper layers inside the university.

The horizontal version of the master brand logo is the outlined design for lockups below, for colleges and administrative units. Additional standards using a standard stacked version of the lockups for colleges and administrative units, specific to attire and uniform designs, are being developed.

For social media profile pictures and more, see Social Media Guidelines

HOW NOT TO use the logo

Do not:

  • Alter the logo in any way.
  • Use any part of the logo as part of another word.
  • Distort or modify or animate the mark in any way.
  • Combine the logo with other patterns or designs, or overlay the logo.
  • Render the logo in 3D.
  • Add any elements to the logo.
  • Change the typeface.

Incorrect uses

Don’t create your own logo or lockup.

Don’t add text, taglines, or graphic elements to the logo or lockup.

Don’t reassign colors to the logo or lockup.

Don’t create other one-color variations of the logo or lockup.

Don't create other one-color varaiations of the logo or lockup.

Don't use a white logo on a secondary background color.

Don't use a white logo on a secondary background color

Don’t apply the two-color logo or lockup to dark backgrounds.

Don’t sacrifice legibility.

Don't fill any part of the logo or lockup.

Don’t use the signature as a decorative element.

Don’t obscure the logo with type.

Don’t move or resize lockup pieces other than what is shown in the brand guidelines.

Diagram showing invalid use of logo through resizing of elelmets.

Don’t apply graphic effects to the signature.

Don't apply graphic effects to the signature

Don’t use the logo’s letters, “VT,” as a typographic element in a word.

Don’t use the logo to create other logos or shapes.

Don't use the "VT" alone without the trademark symbol.

Asset Download

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