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Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines encapsulate the image, primary messaging, and various ways we represent Virginia Tech.  


Using color appropriately is one of the easiest ways to make sure our materials reflect a cohesive Virginia Tech brand. Download the library or swatch files below to have for your Adobe Creative Cloud suite, and visit the Color Guide for the primary and secondary palettes and color tools.

Design Elements

Our design elements are a key way to differentiate the Virginia Tech brand. When we use them appropriately, they create energy and depth in a design and form a visual system that is uniquely Virginia Tech’s. Learn more about design and how to apply branded design elements.


Virginia Tech’s type communicates clearly and cleanly and is flexible for a wide range of uses.


The Licensing and Trademarks office promotes and protects the Virginia Tech brand including the name, nicknames, logos, and other identifying marks.

Logos and Lockups

Virginia Tech’s brand architecture has six levels. At the top of the architecture is the master brand, followed in order by primary brand extensions, secondary brand extensions, tertiary brand extensions, sub-brands, individual brands, and endorsed brands. Each level of the architecture has its own unique relationship to the master brand and, therefore, its own set of rules. Learn how to use the master brand logo and what to avoid.

The primary brand extensions are the university-level colleges, research institutes, and divisions of the university, as well as some presidential and provost leadership areas. These entities have brand extension lockup logos that are tied directly to the master brand. Primary brand extensions must use the Virginia Tech brand guidelines.

Boundless Impact: The Campaign for Virginia Tech will generate the philanthropic resources that are critical to success.

The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets has specific usages for its official logo and shield.


Learn more about visual assets at Virginia Tech on the photography and videography guides. (Virginia Tech PID login required)

Organizational Information

Virginia Tech Communications and Marketing professionals operate under shared guiding principles and support university aspirations with alignment around shared priorities.

Powerpoint Templates

The instructions for how to use the accessible, branded template is in the first few slides of each template. Questions?

Templates and Forms

Communications and Marketing Templates

Creative Brief

For use when planning and executing marketing campaigns and projects. Questions?

Communications Plan

For use when planning communications that require a comprehensive approach, including advanced notices, integrated marketing efforts, media relations outreach, complex stakeholder engagement, etc.

Amplification Plan

For use when strategic deployment of a story across multiple internal and external platforms is the primary goal. May be used in conjunction with a comprehensive Communications Plan or as a standalone.

Editorial Content Plan

For use when curating multiple pieces of content around a particular topic for editorial campaign planning purposes. This guide can help bring together previously published stories and denote future storytelling projects. May be used in conjunction with a comprehensive Communications Plan or as a standalone.


Image & Interview Release Form

Media releases are required for all minors and for any materials used outside of editorial storytelling, i.e., advertising, promotional, and marketing materials. Signed forms must be kept on file and indicated properly when uploading to the University Photo Library.

Project Management Tools

You can use project management tools to help keep your communications and marketing activities organized and on track. For questions about the templates, contact Susan Gill at

Project Charter Template.docx
Project Management Plan Template.docx
Project Team Roster Template.docx

Social Media

Social media accounts support a range of goals at the university and must preserve and uphold Virginia Tech’s brand identity, integrity, and reputation.

Zoom Backgrounds

Take the brand with you online with these Virginia Tech logo backgrounds for virtual work meetings and presentations. The backgrounds are sized for desktop use in Zoom.