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Resource Network Guide

Departments and offices at Virginia Tech have a growing need for marketing and communications services. Communications and Marketing created this guide to facilitate the process to obtain creative outside/freelance resources to help campus communicators and the university community fulfill their needs.

In partnership with the university's Procurement department, Communications and Marketing identified and vetted vendors in a variety of specialties and secured competitively negotiated university contracts for high-quality creative services. These contracts are available through HokieMart.

How to Make Use of the Resource Network

  • Using a pre-approved vendor with a Virginia Tech contract streamlines the procurement process because competition has already been completed and vendors were awarded contracts to provide services to the university.
  • Any of the vendors may be contacted to discuss a project. Departments should contact the vendor directly and obtain a proposal for a scope of work and a quote, in accordance with the contract.
  • All vendors under contract are listed in HokieMart and each department should follow its own payment procedures. See information on how to use HokieMart.
  • Once a department agrees on the scope of work, the department then enters a HokieMart requisition. HokieMart will prompt the department by indicating a contract is available for that vendor.
  • The department will select that contract number on the requisition.
  • A purchase order is processed in HokieMart and sent directly to the vendor, bypassing Procurement.
  • Orders not utilizing a contract fall under normal procurement regulations.
  • The Procurement department can answer any questions about this entire process.

Working with Communications and Marketing

  • Vendors have been vetted by Communications and Marketing but should be reminded to access the Virginia Tech Brand Guidelines and Virginia Tech Licensing Guidelines.
  • All university communications materials should adhere to the Virginia Tech brand. Guidelines for use of the Virginia Tech brand have been developed by Communications and Marketing and can be found online at the Brand Center.
  • University communicators who hire a vendor should be the primary point of contact for that vendor's questions about the logo and the brand. Communicators may consult with Communications and Marketing via the "Brand Questions and Design Reviews" form in the Brand Center.
  • Once a project is completed, Communications and Marketing asks that communicators share: 1) samples of the final materials; and 2) feedback about working with the vendor. Feedback and materials can be sent via the "Brand Questions and Design Reviews" form in the Brand Center.

Available Virginia Tech Contracts

All Virginia Tech contracts can be searched under procurement contracts. New university contracts with pre-negotiated rates have been implemented to cover a variety of services. The links below lead to the vendor contracts for each category.

All-inclusive Contracts for Creative Services

Editorial Services

Graphic Design/Illustration Services

Web/Digital Design and Development Services

Freelance Photography Services

Freelance Videography Services

Social Media Services

Available State Contracts

Virginia Tech contracts supplement the database of cooperative contracts with other state universities in Virginia already available to Virginia Tech through the Virginia Association of State College & University Purchasing Professionals (VASCUPP). If you do not see a vendor that can accommodate your needs under a Virginia Tech contract, it is advisable to check this database. Contact the Procurement department (540-231-6221) for any questions regarding these contracts.