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Creating Content

Tips for Content Creation

The ever-evolving landscape of social media means that you’ll have to stay abreast of emerging technology and platform developments. Take time to assess new content features and if they can help you achieve your goals. Some sites offer information on image sizes for each platform:

Using Submitted Content

To help maintain good relationships with students and alumni and to give you more content for your posts, you can solicit submissions for photos and other content from your followers. If you receive submissions that you intend to post from your account, ensure you have permission from the user as well as the photographer (if a different person) before sharing.

Collect the following information and give proper attribution:

  • Name

  • Hometown (if student)

  • Major

  • Graduation year

Tools for Instagram, such as the Repost app, will add an attribution box to the image. You should still tag the submitter’s username in the comment box with the other pertinent information.

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