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Starting new accounts

Before starting a new social media account, you should be able to answer these questions:

  • Who is the audience?
  • Why are you starting this account?
  • Do you have the resources to maintain this account?
  • What makes your account unique?
  • How can account administrators be contacted?
  • What are your peer institutions doing on social media?

These questions and the answers you give should help you determine whether to create a new account or use an existing account that has established followers.

Note: If you wish to do this for a time-bound event (like a conference), you should utilize tools like an event-specific hashtag and/or a Facebook event, rather than starting a new account.

Branding your platforms

Official Virginia Tech-affiliated social media accounts must adhere to the Virginia Tech Brand Guide to ensure consistency across platforms. Resources are available for Virginia Tech employees and students in the Brand Center.


Official Virginia Tech logos are available to download to help you create profile photos and cover photos as the platform allows. Official university primary and secondary colors are available in the Brand Guide for reference when creating page identity images. Please note: You may not alter the logo in any way when creating a profile picture.   

Virginia Tech-affiliated accounts are encouraged to use the official Virginia Tech logo, following the logo guidelines. There are four versions available for download, and they have been adjusted to fit various profile picture displays, including the circle crop.

Note: If your social media account's name does not begin with "Virginia Tech," you will need to use the profile picture that places the words "Virginia Tech" below the "VT." If your account's name does start with "Virginia Tech," you may use either version.

For accounts that start with ”Virginia Tech“

Right-click on the image to download

A white V and T on a maroon background.
A maroon V and T on a white background.

For all Virginia Tech-affiliated accounts

Right-click on the image to download

A white V and T on a maroon background. The words "Virginia Tech" are in orange.
A maroon V and T on a white background. The words "Virginia Tech" are in orange.

Profile requirements

1. Page/usernames

  • Full, official name of your unit.
  • Typically begins with “Virginia Tech” (i.e. Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences); but may not contain “Virginia Tech” if it holds a donor’s name — in that case, ensure Virginia Tech is in the about information, as described below.
  • If space is limited in the platform, “VT” is an acceptable alternative to “Virginia Tech” (i.e. @VT_Football)

2. Contact information

  • Official website link.
  • As space allows, include other contact information such as:
    • Address
    • Telephone number(s)
    • Email address(es)
    • Other websites

3. “About” information

  • As space allows, fill out as completely as possible the about section of your profile.
  • This includes mission, descriptions, founding information, etc.
  • Include “Virginia Tech” here if your unit’s official name does not contain it (i.e. the name comes from a donor).

4. Profile picture

  • Must represent your unit in a clear manner.
  • Must be readable at small, thumbnail size and be high enough resolution for larger expanded sizes.
  • If unsure about appropriateness, contact for help.

5. Other photos/cover photo

  • If available, choose a photo that works well in the horizontal area at the top of many social media platform pages.
  • It should represent your unit and/or directly complement your profile picture.
  • Swap this photo regularly to refresh the look of your page.